My (Now Mushy) Brain

I just spent practically two hours writing a paper. My brain is fried at the moment, but I still wanted to write here. I like writing papers when I’m excited about the idea. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a struggle articulating the thoughts welling up in my mind into words on a page. It’s so satisfying when I succeed to my standards. It takes me a while to get there, though.

The novel I’m writing about (for an English class) is pushing me to think about contrasts. Black and white. Fire and ice. It’s really interesting. My favorite subjects are art, psychology, and English. The papers that I’ve enjoyed writing the most in college involve one, two, or all three of these subjects. Making a connection that I’m really excited about inspires me to dig deeper.

I would say Coco and I have fairly few things in common. She likes English and reading, too, which is cool. She’s probably more knowledgeable than me (even though I studied English in college and she didn’t). My knowledge base is slowly building. My main disadvantage is my memory; upon reading a novel, I promptly forget most of the details and often the names of the main characters, etc. The same thing happens for me with movies. It’s quite unfortunate.

These are just the leftover thoughts that my (now mushy) brain contains after writing.


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