Meet Coco

We’ve known each other for three years but in some ways it feels like longer. This morning we sat in Chikfila for an hour just because we could. She loves Taylor Swift but hates stuff like The Bachelor.

Coco graduated from college and has an Etsy store and works designing labels for wedding favors. She’s designed t-shirts and flyers and all sorts of things. She’s really gifted at that.

Coco crochets. She buys gifts for people and puts a lot of thought into them. Her middle name has three syllables.

She silent sneezes. She stays up late. I joke that she knows the lyrics to every song (because she does).

She loves diet coke. Her favorite meal includes mashed potatoes, cheese, and broccoli. She knows a lot about a lot (not excluding Harry Potter and pop culture).

She’s patient. She’s a good listener. She’s laid back. Whether I ask her to run errands with me or drive me somewhere or accompany me grabbing food, she’s always down. She’s a good friend.

She can’t change the pitch or excitement in her voice even if she tries. She talks the same way whether she’s talking to an adult, a baby, or a dog. She wears glasses every day. If she takes them off, she becomes almost unrecognizable.

Coco also loves to read. I feel like she’s read everything, but we all know that’s impossible.

Sometimes people and friendship seem ordinary but then you think about it and begin writing. You write because one morning at Chikfila you get inspired to do something you didn’t think you’d act on, but here we are.

We’re just two friends who decided to start writing one morning.

All that to say, Coco’s my co-author.


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