“Free” Tanning

The other day I heard a radio ad for free tanning. The reason this deal was appealing is because I’m going on a cruise in a few weeks for spring break. Never hurts to have a little base tan before you hit the Bahamas, right? Just so you know, I’ve only been tanning a handful of times before (also because of free promotions). So all of this sounds cheesy, but this is my life.

The tanning salon was in a smaller town 30ish minutes away, so I made an afternoon of it. Two friends went with me, neither of whom had ever been tanning before. We show up to Sun City Tanning and get a tour of the place. They show us beds that look like space ships. They looked equally inviting and intimidating. Somehow, we were convinced to pay $5 for the somewhat “better” bed. We also bought those little eye protector things and, I admit, I got suckered into buying a natural bronzer cream to increase my color; the girls who helped us were really sweet and persuasive. So my “free” tanning turned into paying $13, but you live and you learn.

I was in the bed for approximately five minutes. I think I wasted about 38 seconds of my UV light because I was still undressing and slathering that cream on my body, which, by the way, had the word “sexy” in the title. After we were all done, we agreed that it was nice to pamper ourselves and collectively noted that we felt healthier and looked a little less sickly. Granted, we probably won’t go again, but it sure was an experience. I’m okay with only going tanning once every four years….

We ended the afternoon noon in a cute, little café on a street corner. I ordered a cup of chicken tortilla soup, split a bagel with my friend (lightly toasted with butter, mmm), and did a little reading. The day began with a loose plan and ended on a great note.


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