A Little About Laurel

A little know fact- Laurel was born at a young age. She came into this world as one half of a pair. While in the womb, she was essentially a vampire and she stole all of her twins’ blood. Don’t worry; her twin was fine. Since then, Laurel has developed a taste for less creepy things such as the Turkey Tom at Jimmy Johns, any sort of gum, (but preferably bubble) and avocado on anything. Laurel and I spend a large portion of our time together in cars, so I know her car habits very well. She loves to jam, which means to turn the music up really loud so that no one can talk, but she can still harmonize to it. She’ll act modest about her voice, but girl can saang.

Before Laurel and I were forced together by the universe, I never knew someone who processed as much as she does. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really think deeply about anything. Everything is very cut and dry, so to listen to her work through everything was really strange at first. However, after spending millions of hours together, I’ve started to do it. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I mean, thinking is a good thing, right?

Her favorite snapchat to send is what she calls her bug face with a turtle emoji on her nose, followed closely by the, “boys only want love when it’s torture” hook from Blank Space. Lots of times when she sends these snaps she’s in her purple bathrobe. Because, why not? She often thanks me for being her friend, because she perceives everything as a gift and is the best at being grateful, but she should know that, like they say at Chick-Fil-A, it’s my pleasure.


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